Summer is just around the corner, in just two months we will begin the time of the year that we love the most. The good weather allies with the beach to form the perfect combination of enjoyment and tranquillity. Hotel Varadero is already working to make your stay special, we do not want you to live a sensation you have already experienced, we want to go further, we want you to remember us. In our eagerness to offer a complete service, we have opened the Beach Club Zone.

A place, within our enclosure, designed for any time of the day and for all ages. A place where you can have a few beers or sangrias before starting to eat or even arrive afterwards. Also as a novelty this year we will have a grill with which we will prepare the best roasts. At the Beach Club you don’t need to book, from the first hour you will see that the atmosphere is relaxed and that our professionals work for your comfort and enjoyment.

The opening hours are a true reflection of the atmosphere we want to transmit at the Beach Club, we open at 13:00 and close at 3:00. During all these hours you will have the opportunity to live a unique experience that goes beyond a normal pub or bar, we want to create sensations and for that we work every day.

We are located in a unique location, Zahara de los Atunes is one of the corners of Spain that must be visited. We are lucky enough to experience it all year round and we want everyone who comes to visit us to experience what we experience. We must confess that we are proud of our city and we want you to come and see it.

The Beach Club Zone is the chosen place to develop our theme parties, our events and everything that surrounds fun and having a good time. We want you to come and enjoy yourselves because it is very likely that our events will be part of your stay at the Beach Club Zone.

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