El Varadero Hotel

We have it all


We like to fly high, that’s why we created VARADERO…the best place to hang the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign.
At Varadero Hotel we have our own personal star rating, because we like to break away from the norm, from what can be measured and calculated.

Luxury Establishment

We have a very clear definition, a luxury establishment where you can make the most of the destination thanks to its excellent location that allows you to enjoy a relaxing holiday on the beach under the sun and enjoy a gastronomy of flavours, styles and elaborate dishes, as well as a refined cocktail bar and signature drinks. All this with an original decoration and ambience and avant-garde music. Sustainable Boutique Hotel, open, gastronomic, friendly and full of life.
WE HAVE IT ALL AND WE GIVE IT ALL… From Zahara to the entire world.


The hotel has 17 spacious rooms designed and equipped with all the comforts where every detail has been taken care of to make your stay comfortable.
We also have the VAMBÚ restaurant, an idyllic setting surrounded by nature, an original proposal for those who enjoy elegant yet exotic atmospheres. A fusion of art, creativity, tradition and a homemade touch are the ingredients to make every meal more than a dream.
In addition to all this, we have a Beach&Club at the foot of the beach with a tapas bar and a charcoal grill and delicious signature cocktails, where you can enjoy a delicious meal or drink at any time of the day.